Monday, August 20, 2007

Singapore Airlines flights to Spain

My former statistics lecturer in university was Dr. Cheong Choong Kong (better known as Dr. C.K. Cheong). He left University of Malaya to become the CEO (Chief Executive Office) of SIA or Singapore Airlines. SIA was split off from Malaysia-Singapore Airlines (MSA) when Singapore was kicked out of the Federation of Malaysia because of differences between Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore and the then Prime Minister Tengku Abdul Rahman of Malaysia. Its Malaysian counterpart became MAS (Malaysia Airline System). MAS had to be rescued from bankruptcy by the Malaysian government while SIA went on to become one of the most successful, if not the most successful, airlines in the world. I understand Dr. C.K. Cheong, like me, is retired now. It will be interesting if I can find out if he has gone on to do something else.

SIA air hostesses, better known as the Singapore Girl, is world famous for their great services and hospitality and is one of the main contribution to SIA success. Their success is symbolised by the creation of a wax figure of the Singapore Girl at Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum in London since 1994, which was the first figure to represent a commercial undertaking. They have also won the 'World's Best Cabin Crew Service' by the Business Traveller Asia-Pacific Awards for 17 consecutive years.

SIA have regular flights from Changi Airport to Barcelona Aeropuerto El Prat, Spain. If I ever plan to go to Spain, SIA will be my preferred airline. However, Barcelona is only the second largest city of Spain. The largest is Madrid, the capital. It is easy to get to Madrid from Barcelona though. You can travel by road, train or fly. If you chose to travel by train, it will take you anything between 5 and a half hours to 9 hours. Flying will get you there within just over an hour in comparison. Plus check-in time is normally short.

Air Europa fly from Barcelona airport, terminal B to the new terminal 4 at Madrid Barajas airport daily from 7.00hr. to 23.50hr. The fare will vary from between 94 Euro to 320 Euro return. There will be a 12 Euro service charge. Flight time is just 1 hour 15 minutes and food will be served on board.

It is highly advisable to book your accommodation ahead of your arrival for you do not want to be frantically hunting for suitable accommodation on arrival. That will be stressful and take up much precious time which can be used more productively. This in now easy with the ubiquitous Internet. One site you can try is EspaƱa Hoteles (Hotels in Spain). If you are looking for hotels in Barcelona in particular, you can go to Hoteles en Barcelona. I can't read Spanish, so I will have to go to Hotels in Barcelona. For hotels in Madrid, there is Hotels en Madrid. For its English version, go to Hotels in Madrid. Book your accommodation in advance. That is my advice.