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Increase traffic: feed for your blog

Blogger Buzz: Attention FeedBurner Fans


Feed is a way of getting updates on your website without having to visit it by subscribing to the feed either through an online feed reader or by subscribing to the feed via email. In practice, feed can be set to full or short. If set to short, the feed is supposed to display the first few lines, and if this attract the attention of the feed reader, then he/she will surf over to the actual site to read the full content. However, I have noticed that when I set my feed to short, in many cases, what is displayed is only the post title, so for it to be meaningful, you will have to use a very descriptive post title.

If you are trying to keep track of what is going on in many sites and have no time to keep visiting them to see what is new, this is a great way to keep updated. You can read the feed online with sites like (Google Reader)
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You can also chose to subscribe to feed by email.

Previously, Blogger only offer Atom feed. Many have been hankering for the more popular RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed, and in New Blogger, they have added RSS feed. You probably have come across the familiar icon RSS feed subscribe button or the less common RSS feed subscription alphabet button button. Other common feed subscription button includes the "Add to Google Reader button Add to Google Reader feed subscription button, "Add to My Yahoo" button Add to My Yahoo feed subscription button, "Add to Bloglines" button Add to Bloglines feed subscription button, "Add to Newsgator" button Add to Newsgator feed subscription button, and a whole lot more.

Adding a feed subscription button to your blog

I will first deal with the popular Feedburner subscription button. You will first have to go to "burn" a feed for your blog. Go to
and type in paste your blog URL. Click "Next" and Feedburner will look for available feed for your blog. For Blogger, there will be Atom and RSS. I normally chose RSS.

Blogger and Feedburner

Recently, Google have bought over the popular Feedburner and now you can integrate your Blogger feed with Feedburner. The advantage of doing this is that you can get statistics about your blog subscribers via Feedburner.

Putting links for visitors to subscribe to your blog

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Adding a feed email subscription form to your blog

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Blogger previously only offer Atom feed

Official Google Blog: Adding more flare


Geniusideas said...

Pls help dear peter chen how to optimize earning from google adsense and what is wrong with my blog until they remove their ads.
my blog

Peter Chen said...

Hi geniusideas,

1. To get better earning from AdSense, refer to How to increase earning from AdSense.

2. You are not allowed to use the word AdSense (trademark) for a site which contain AdSense product. Hopefully they have just disabled your ads and not your account. If so, just change your blog title and contact them. However, I do not know whether you will still have problem because you have adsense in the URL of your blog

If they have disabled your account, try applying for reinstatement but prepare it carefully because your first appeal is your best chance. Once they reject that, your subsequent messages they may not even bother to read. Read this post first: What to do when your AdSense account is suspended. If you can't get it back, look for other ways some of which will be discussed in the above blog and some in Generating Revenue from your Website.

Peter (Blog*Star)
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Geniusideas said...

Tq peter for the advice, actually I search your blog through google blog search keyword "blog" and first page is appeared is below:
inside this blog your link is appeared for the rss article.

Back to my problem, if i change my blog url I have to repeat again optimization process because currently my blog every post with "make money" it will appeared among top ten inside google blog search.How to do? pls help

Peter Chen said...

Hi Geniusidea

Congrats. It is not easy to get your blog/posts at the top of the SERP (search engine result page) and that is something you should protect. I have a few old blogs with URL I would like to change after I learn about SEO, but because of this reason, I am very reluctant to change it. But the blog title and description is very easy to change and will not affect your Page Ranks and your links in the SERP. I would advice against changing the URL. That is something only a new blog would do.

BTW this post somehow ended up in the wrong blog. It would have been better if I had done this post in Blogger Tips and Tricks and get a link to that post in that blog from The official Google blog: Adding more flare

Peter (Blog*Star)
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