Thursday, August 30, 2007

Opportunity for Singapore's Vacation Rentals Owners

There is a website which list vacation rentals both for rentals and for purchase, and its site for Singapore is Singapore Vacation Rentals. Unfortunately, at the time of publishing, there are no vacation rentals listed for Singapore, so for those who are looking for places to rent for a vacation in Singapore, you may have to check back again. But not all bad news is all bad. It can also spell opportunity, an opportunity for Singapore's vacation rental owners to list their properties. There is a link on the site for you to click to register your property. There will be no referral fees, only an annual fee to pay. And for that you get your own web page where you can put description of your property including pictures, rates and contact information and a link to your personal website. You can also log in anytime to edit your page.

Singapore is a small country very short of land. I would guess the average Singaporean in this crowded city country will yearn to travel to other places in the world for a pleasant vacation. I am sure they will enjoy traveling to places like Florida where there is Epcot's Mission Space where you can enjoy (if you don't suffer from motion sickness) a simulated mission to Mars which uses centrifugal force to give the sensation of lifting off into space. You will see other things related to space there. You will of course need accommodation if you plan to temporarily leave land starved Singapore to visit Florida and for that you can try Florida vacation rentals.

Perhaps the most attraction is the famous theme park, Walt Disney World which your children will love visiting. Walt Disney World is located in Orlando together with Universal Studios and SeaWorld Adventure Park. For accommodation in Orlando, to to Orlando vacation rentals

Or perhaps you may enjoy a cruise. Miami is host to the "Cruise Capital of the World", the Port of Miami. It can accommodate the largest cruise ships and the major cruise lines are represented here. This can be your starting point for a most enjoyable cruise. But perhaps the most famous Miami is Miami Beach which most Singaporeans will be surprised to find out that Miami Beach is not part of Miami, but two separate cities, and the beach part is South Beach. Miami has been made famous by that TV show featuring the Miami Beach Ocean Rescue team rescuing swimmers in trouble. It is also popular spot for photo shots, so it will not be uncommon to see models in skimpy clothing if that is what your are interested in. It also have a very lively night life. You can find accommodation at Miami Beach vacation rentals.