Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Singapore Flyer: One up on London Eye

All this "Eye this" and "Eye that" started with the "London Eye", also known as the "Millennium Wheel" which has become one of the most popular paid tourist attractions in the United Kingdom with over 3 million visitors a year.

London Eye

Photo of London Eye is property of Jim

Malaysia followed up with the Eye on Malaysia, although you would only be able to see the skyline of Kuala Lumpur, not the whole of Malaysia. With Sabah and Sarawak in far off Borneo Island, that would be a tough act to achieve.

And now.....

Singapore Flyer, sequel to the London Eye and the Eye on Malaysia

Singapore wants to go one up on the "London Eye" with its "Singapore Flyer", a 165 meter (541 feet) high Ferris Wheel, 30 meter higher than the "London Eye" and will have 28 gondolas. Go up in one of these observation capsules, and you will not only see the skyline of Singapore, but on a clear day, you should be able to see Malaysia and Indonesia as well.

It now claims to be the largest Ferris Wheel in the world, but it will not be able to keep that record for long as Beijing, Berlin and Dubai are planning to have even higher ones.

When the "Singapore Flyer" is opened to the public, you can get a ride on it for Singapore $29.50. Pay more and you get food and cocktails to go with your 30 minute ride.

It seems it would be an insult to call the "Singapore Flyer" a Ferris Wheel with its cramped carriages. The gondolas or observation capsules are air conditioned and roomy and can hold up to 28 passengers who can walk around the capsules. Passengers will also not feel any movement or vibrations.

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Asia Biz said...

Of course Singapore will make it much higher than London eye, its formation was Sept. 25, 2005 and officially opened to the public on March 1, 2008. The company who developed the singapore flyer is Melchers Project Management. It is 30 m (98 ft) taller than the London Eye.

You will see a great view of Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia when you are on the top

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