Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Used, unwashed woman panties can bring great fortune

China Press reported about a Singaporean hawker's helper going by the name of Hong wanting to buy used, unwashed woman panties and is will to pay up to RM690 (USD 208) as he hope that such used, unwashed woman panties can help him change his luck (so I assume he is not having such a good life at the moment and is hoping for something better. Hong apparently is influenced by a friend who paid RM460 (USD 139) only for worn, unwashed woman panties, put the worn, unwashed panties on his head, and that antic helped his friend win RW 230,000 (USD 69,495) in a lottery. That is a ratio of 50 to 1. Pretty good investment. Definitely worth the smell of the unwashed woman panties.

Some others have even better ideas. An enterprising student has started selling worn unwashed woman panties and bras online. Wonder if the used unwashed woman bras would bring such good fortune too. They definitely will be less smelly.

That gives me an idea of starting an online merchant store. Buy and sell. Any women who have worn unwashed panties (don't want bras as bras are not proven, panties have brought one great fortune. I will sell only proven products), please contact blog owner and name your asking price. I will then mark up the price and put it for sale in my Online Used Unwashed Women Panties Store (OUUWPS), promote it, and perhap make a bigger fortune than Hong's friend. And it will be continuous income as long as I am able to man the store.