Thursday, July 26, 2007

Jobs, business and vacations in Jersey City for Singaporeans

There are some similarity between Jersey City and Singapore. Both are commercial and industrial center, a port of entry and a manufacturing center, many in electronics. So for the seasoned Singaporean businessmen, there should be plenty of business opportunities there There is also a large Asian population in Jersey City. The big difference is the cost of living and the crime rate, both of which are much higher in Jersey City, depending on the district, and of course the weather.

Apparently, there are lots of job vacancies in Jersey City for non-US residents, including Singaporeans. A search "similarity Singapore 'Jersey City'" produced links to mostly sites offering jobs. In fact, one Singaporean was offered $68K a year as a Project Manager in Jersey City and he planned to bring his wife and 2 kids whom he planned to send to International school. Many told him he would be hard pressed to survive on that salary in Jersey City based on what he planned on that salary. He may be able to get along fine if he is alone though. There are a few of different opinions. Some said he will not be living in luxury, enjoy the same standard of living in Singapore, the security and he wouldn't be able to move around as easily with public transport as in Singapore, but with proper management, he should be able to manage OK. He was keen to go as it will help his career and for the international experience, so he went but sent his children back to Singapore. He seem to be doing fine.

As a destination for vacation, there is the famous Statue of Liberty which is easily accessible via a Circle Line ferry at Liberty State Park. There are also dinning and cocktails outlets, art and entertainment centers and parks and recreation. Like Singapore, Jersey City have fine and diverse shopping district. I haven't been there myself, but I would certainly expect shopping to be much more expansive than in Singapore.