Sunday, May 27, 2007

Hawaii, a tropical paradise

Hawaii cliff seasideSingapore is a tropical island, but is a city state while Hawaii, also in the tropical zone, is more subtropical because of the moderating effect of the surrounding ocean. What you see in Singapore will be mainly buildings, but you will see more of nature in Hawaii. That is why some consider tourism to Hawaii as ecotourism. However, travel involves burning of fossil fuel and CO2 emission contributing to global warming, but if you are environmentally conscious, there are sites that offer carbon offset for your travels. One such site is Carbon emission offset directory.

If you have enough of the "concrete jungle" and wants to go to Hawaii to enjoy more of nature, go for a Hawaii Trips for assistance for extended stay. It will be wise to book accommodation ahead of your trip. Hawaiian Beach Rentals is a convenient site to select and book online your accommodation. You can book hotels, condominiums, vacation packages at Hawaiian Beach Rentals. You can also book car rental before you go.

What can one do in Hawaii? You can go snorkeling and scuba diving to see the beautiful tropical fishes and reefs, go kayaking with a glass-bottom kayak if you don't want to get wet, experience the thrill of parasailing, gawk at volcanoes, explore the flora and inhabitants of the tropical jungles, listen to Hawaii music, etc. You will not have a dull day at Hawaii.